Technical Info

Sample panels on Colourite's exposure site show that masonry units tinted with Colourite tints perform equally as well as untreated units.

A Control was made using a semi dry 1:4 cement:sand mix at a 0.45 wcr pressed into discs (75mm diameter x 25mm high) at 2 tonnes pressure. These were allowed to cure at 45°C, 95% humidity for 24 hours and allowed to dry at 25°C for a further 24 hours.

These discs were then acid cleaned to remove surface calcium carbonate deposits (lime bloom), cleansed with water and allowed to dry for a further 24 hours at 25°C.

Samples were then tinted using 4 Colourite tints: Black, Brown, Red and Yellow and 4 were left untreated as the Control.

4 sample discs of each colour plus the 4 Controls were produced and placed outside on 45° racks with a southerly aspect in October 1992 and were measured for differences in their total colour change every 6 months using a colour photometer. The average total colour change of all the colours were plotted against the Control.

Colourfastness over time

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